Fixing an abuse of one’s Lord’s Meal (FS)

Fixing an abuse of one’s Lord’s Meal (FS)

Fixing an abuse of one’s Lord’s Meal (FS)

17 On following the directives I have zero supplement to you, (FT) to suit your group meetings carry out more harm than simply a beneficial. 18 To start with, We hear whenever you come together since a chapel, you will find departments (FU) one of you, also to some extent In my opinion they. 19 Definitely indeed there must be variations among one to show which of you features God’s approval. (FV) 20 So after that, after you come together, this is not the latest Lord’s Meal consume, 21 to own if you are dining, some of you go-ahead with your own personal private suppers. (FW) Consequently, someone remains hungry and one gets intoxicated. twenty two Right keeps house for eating and you can drink in the? Otherwise do you really dislike brand new chapel off Goodness (FX) from the humiliating those who have little? (FY) Just what will We say to your? (FZ) Not inside number!

23 For I gotten about Lord (GA) the things i and died to you personally: (GB) the father Jesus, into nights he was betrayed, got bread, 24 incase he’d considering thank-you, he broke it and you may said, “This is my own body, (GC) that’s to you personally; accomplish that inside the remembrance out of me personally.” twenty five In the same way, after-supper the guy got new cup, saying, “This mug ‘s the this new covenant (GD) inside my blood; (GE) accomplish that, whenever you drink they, during the commemoration from me personally.” twenty six Getting whenever you eat which dough and you can take in which mug, your suppose the fresh Lord’s passing until the guy will come. (GF)

Shall We compliment your?

twenty-seven So next, anyone who eats the newest bread otherwise drinks this new cup of god into the an enthusiastic unworthy styles is guilty of sinning against the body and bloodstream of Lord. (GG) twenty-eight Everyone should glance at themselves (GH) ahead of it consume of one’s cash and you can drink in the mug. 30 For those who dine in the place of discerning you away from Christ eat and drink view for the by themselves. 30 That’s why of numerous one of you’re weakened and you can unwell, and a good amount of you’ve got dropped sleep. (GI) 30 However if we had been a great deal more discreet for ourselves, we might perhaps not fall under for example judgment. (GJ) thirty-two Still, whenever we is evaluated in this way because of the Lord, we are becoming self-disciplined (GK) to make sure that we will not ultimately doomed toward community. (GL)

33 Therefore next, my personal friends and family, once you collect to eat, you should every consume to each other. 34 Anybody who is actually eager (GM) is consume things in the home, (GN) with the intention that once you see to each other may possibly not end up in wisdom.

About the Religious Gifts

twelve Today in regards to the gifts of your own Spirit, (GP) brothers and sisters, Really don’t want you becoming uninformed. (GQ) dos You realize that if you’re pagans, (GR) somehow or other you had been swayed and added astray so you can mute idols. (GS) 3 Thus i would like you to understand that no-one who try talking by the Spirit away from Jesus states, “God end up being cursed,” (GT) and no one can say, “Jesus is Lord,” (GU) but from the Holy Soul. (GV)

cuatro You’ll find different varieties of merchandise, nevertheless the exact same Heart (GW) directs all of them. 5 You can find different types of service, nevertheless the same Lord. six You will find different varieties of operating, but in them and in men (GX) it’s the same Goodness (GY) at work.

seven Now every single you to this new manifestation of the brand new Heart is actually given toward well-known a good. (GZ) 8 To one discover considering from Heart an email out-of facts, (HA) to a different a contact of real information (HB) in the shape of the same Heart, 9 to another faith (HC) from the same Soul, to a different gift suggestions from recovery (HD) because of the this option Spirit, 10 to some other magic powers, (HE) to a different prophecy, (HF) to a different distinguishing anywhere between spirits, (HG) to another speaking in almost any categories of tongues, [p] (HH) and another the fresh new interpretation out-of tongues. [q] eleven All of these is the really works of 1 together with exact same Heart, (HI) and then he directs them to each one, just as he decides.

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